You Said Yes! Now what?!

Updated: Mar 28, 2018

It happened. He proposed. The moment you will remember for the rest of your life! Or your adrenaline spiked and you had a memory blackout, but it's fine, really. The important part is YOU'RE ENGAGED! Congratulations!

The first step of this new process is obvious: PLASTER THAT DIAMOND ALL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA, HUNNY!

Okay, we got that out of our system. But really... now what do you do? Most people go into wedding planning with no experience (shocking, right?!) Well lucky for you, there's a whole industry of experts ready to share their world with you! All you have to do is ask.

But here's the trick: make sure you are asking the right people.

Anyone can dub themselves as an "expert". Most likely, Aunt Sally isn't a professional wedding planner and Cousin Tyler has a bluetooth speaker but isn't a real DJ. Having industry professionals is key to successfully planning a wedding.

Lucky for you, you found us here at You Said Yes! Weddings & Events. We are strong believers that everyone should be able to afford a helping hand in their wedding planning process. We believe this so much, that we are giving you a free wedding planning checklist to get you started! Keep reading below to see our TOP 3 TIPS on your first steps.

TIP #1

Make sure your budget is realistic to your guest count. According to WeddingWire, couples underestimate how much they'll spend on their wedding by roughly 40%. Don't dig yourself into a hole! Start out on the right foot with a realistic budget and everything will go much smoother.

TIP #2

Pick the vendors for your most important wedding aspects, first. WHAT DOES THIS EVEN MEAN?!

First and foremost - hire a wedding planner. At the least, you know you will need a month-of coordinator to tie up the loose ends and make sure the day of your wedding runs smoothly. Your mom and bridesmaids should be in the makeup chair, not setting up your centerpieces. And guest what?! Your planner should include a preferred vendors list in your package! (A good planner should even require you to use those vendors because they know they're good) This helps out with tip #3 - stay tuned.

Second - Book your dream venue, ASAP. Venues are often booking years in advance. If you want to get married in peak wedding season, make sure you secure your date as soon as possible before it books up.

Third - What parts of your wedding is most important to you? If you want a poppin' party then you definitely want to secure an awesome DJ before he gets booked. Maybe you want amazing photos to keep the memory alive - book that photographer first.

You don't have to book all of your vendors right away, we get it, it's not raining dolla dolla bills, ya'll! Just prioritize which vendor is the most important aspect of your wedding and secure them before someone else does.

TIP #3

Do your research! Don't hire any random vendor you find. Look at their past work. Check out their website. READ REVIEWS!!!! Go on WeddingWire or The Knot and read recent reviews from real life couples! Vendors like photographers and videographers usually have a specific style. Make sure their style aligns with yours so that you'll be over-the-moon thrilled with their final work. Ask for quotes from multiple vendors in the same category. You don't always have to choose the least expensive, remember QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.

If you are still feeling completely overwhelmed after reading this blog post, don't worry. Remember - there is an entire industry of experts ready to lend a helping hand. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at or post a comment below!

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